Gift Ideas For Everyone Else!

Gift Ideas For Everyone Else!
Most of us have our Christmas presents bought. But there is always that one person(s) that we forget, or don’t realize we needed a gift for until the last minute. Maybe it’s a coworker, your hairdresser, a family member. Whoever they may be, you need a gift but have no idea what. I’ve compiled a few gift ideas for everyone else on your list that you may have forget to buy for. Enjoy!
1. Cookies In a Jar
This one works for men or women. Who doesn’t like cookies, plus the packaging is adorable!
2. Bath & Body Works Hand Cream
In the Winter months, you can never have enough hand cream. Bath & Body Works always has nice, seasonal products to pick from.
3. Candle
I’m a firm believer that with candles, the more the merrier! Christmas scented ones are always nice!
4. Bath & Body Hand Soap
This is a good gift if you have no idea what a person likes. For example, your boss. The gesture is nice, plus the Christmas packaging is cute!
5. Popcorn Tin
This one works great for guys you need gifts for. The tin is cool for when the popcorn is gone, & of course the flavored popcorn is always a hit!
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