Anthropologie Georgina Bedding Dupe!

Happy Monday, everyone! I wanted to share with you an amazing dupe I found for Anthropologie’s Georgina Duvet Bedding. This beautiful bedding set has been on my mind for years. However, the price of over $400 for the complete matching set has been the one thing that held me back from buying it. From afar I would admire the beautiful floral gathers and princess-like details. It really is gorgeous bedding, and if I every make millions it will be on the list of purchases. But until that day comes, I found an amazing dupe!


I found this bedding last weekend at Home Goods. It’s the exact same design as the Georgina bedding, just for a fourth of the price. I paid $130 for the bedspread and two pillow shams. As soon as I saw this bedding in the store, I had to have it! I just couldn’t believe the comparison! It’s just as beautiful, plus the quality is really great!


The designer of this bedding is Nicole Miller. Her name has been popping up in both Marshall’s and Home Goods. I couldn’t find this exact bedding online, but it should be available in a Home Goods near you. Comment below if you think this is a good dupe for the Anthropologie Georgina bedding! 🙂



Mini Target Haul (Including Oh Joy! for Target)!

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! I’m trying my best to keep up with this blog. But the stress & details of planning a wedding are really taking its toll on me. All I can say is for those brides out there wedding planning, I feel your pain!

Now, on to my Target haul! I’ve previously posted on the amazing home décor line that Target has with Joy Cho known as Oh Joy! for Target. She makes the prettiest items that are full of color & life! I have to have colorful things in my home to keep me sane. It just makes me happy to see bright, cheerful items in my home.

Her newest additions to her line are definitely geared towards home items rather than her previous baby décor collection (though I did buy some of those items, no shame. Also, a lot of those items are in clearance, so look out for them. The heart ottoman was on sale for a steal!).

The only item I bought that wasn’t a part of her line is the light up “<3 Tacos” sign. I just thought that was adorable since my fiancé & I enjoy tacos all the time.

Comment below with your favorite Oh Joy! for Target items! 🙂



How the KonMari Method Changed My Life (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up)!

I’ve done previous posts on my attempts at cleaning out my closet. While my intentions were always good, I just never seemed to get a clean closet. It was still messy, cluttered, & overstuffed. I’ve tried various closet cleaning strategies, including “if you haven’t worn it in 6 months, toss it,” and “if you saw this in a store would you buy it again,” but these strategies were unsuccessful attempts that left me feeling like I may use something in the future. I just couldn’t let things go. Then I started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo.


Let me say I didn’t expect much from this book. I mean, there are so many books out there that claim a perfectly cleaned home, usually referencing the above mentioned strategies. I had high hopes, but wasn’t convinced. Boy, was I wrong! Before I get into details, please, read this book! It is life-changing!


This book was written by a Japanese woman who spent the majority of her life trying to find ways of creating a perfectly clean, organized space. But she never felt like her space was clean, until one day she had an epiphany. Instead of getting rid of items that you don’t like, you need to focus on the ones you love, or that bring joy. That’s her main philosophy.

  • Does It Spark Joy? This is the main focus of the KonMari Method (coined from the author’s name). You must place all items of a category in a pile, then one-by-one hold the item and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” As weird as this sounds, you really start to focus on what makes you happy, and what you can live without.
My discard pile. This wasn't even all of it!

My discard pile. This wasn’t even all of it!

  • Go By Category, Not Room Typically, when cleaning out spaces, we go by rooms. For example, you try to clean your bedroom first. But Kondo believes this is where people fall short when attempting to clean their spaces. She has a set order for discarding your items: Clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellany), and finally sentimental items. Going in this order allows you to hone your decision-making skills, because you start with the items of the least emotional attachment, making it a lot more simple to discard by the time you get to the last category.
  • Discard First, Tidy Last You must go through each category, by the KonMari Method, before you find a place for your things. You can only find a place for the items that spark joy once you have gone through every item in that category. Otherwise, you end up putting things away before you have discarded everything. This results in clutter. When you don’t have a specific place for each item, you end up placing it anywhere in your home. This defeats the purpose of cleaning/tidying.
  • Fold and Store the KonMari Way This is so important! Kondo has a specific way of putting away clothing. Only heavy items (coats, jackets, dresses), and flowy items (blouses) that look better hung should be hanging in your closet. Otherwise, fold it. However, she also folds a specific way that allows for more room in your drawers, and gives you an appreciation for your clothing. It teaches you to handle each item with care, and lets you see if an item has wear or needs to be discarded from being overused. Here is a great series of videos that specifically shows her method, which was difficult to visualize while reading the book. When you find that “sweet spot,” it feels so good! Do this!


  • Tidying Is Life Changing After going through my clothes, I feel so much lighter! I got rid of about four trash bags full of clothes. I didn’t think I’d be able to get rid of anything. But this method of tidying is seriously life-changing. My mind is more clear, I’m able to pick out an outfit in about thirty seconds, and it just looks prettier in my closet! 🙂



New Kitchen Items & New Reads!

Recently I’ve been obsessed with finding cute home items. I love when I have a space that’s both inviting & cheerful! I want my home to be an escape from everyday life. Here are a few items that have helped me achieve that!

The pineapple mat is from Home Goods, as well as the “Good Morning!” bowl. I also found a similar bowl that says, “Today is the day!” An easy way to add some motivation when you don’t want to go to work! ;D

The ice cream towels are from Target (basically where I end up every weekend. No shame.).

I’ve also been looking for coffee table additions/new reading material.


Lauren Conrad recently came out with her newest book, Celebrate, where she gives her party planning tips, tricks, & treats! Anything Lauren does is pretty much gold in my book!


I also purchased the latest Harper’s Bazaar (featuring Jennifer Aniston), & Kate Hudson’s book Pretty Happy. Both are great reads so far!


Finally, I found this adorable fish vase at Target that I’ve been eyeing every time I shop. The colors are fabulous. I’m waiting to see if it goes on sale in order to justify buying it. Fingers crossed!

Comment below with your latest home décor finds! 🙂



My Finds From The Oh Joy! Target Collection!

Long time, no blog. My new job is crazy right now. There is so much to learn and remember, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. It’s intense, but I must admit my first pay check was well worth it!

Now, on to the décor items that I’m obsessed with right now! Oh Joy! for Target is currently in stores. A lot of it is on sale, but if you happen to see it in your Target, especially the heart ottoman, I suggest snatching it up. The items I bought are so perfect for my apartment! Très chic!



Spring Décor Accents!

Spring Decor Accents!


Happy Friday, everyone!
After a blizzard & the possibility of another next week, I’m so ready for spring! As the seasons change, so does the décor in my home. I gravitate towards darker shades in the fall and winter. Spring and summer lift my spirits, so I love having beautiful, bright colors. I love yellows, pinks, golds, & blues. Here are a few ways to add spring into your decorating spaces:
  • Floral Prints
  • Wicker
  • Pastels
  • Flowers
  • Gold Accents

These are easy ways to add some beautiful spring accents into your home. Comment below with your tips for spring décor!


My Favorite Décor Inspiration TV Shows!

I’m a big fan of HGTV, & many times I have it on in the background while cleaning. I love learning new design ideas & tips. Many of the shows I watch on HGTV have beautiful after results that really inspire me to redo & add to my apartment. Two shows I watch daily are Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop.

Fixer Upper is set in Texas, and features a husband & wife team, Chip and Joanna Gaines. They take clients through the process of fixing up an older home, resulting in beautiful remodeled homes.

There style is more on the rustic side, but with a modern take. While not my complete design esthetic, they give great advice & ideas.

The other show that I have on constantly is Flip or Flop. This show features another husband & wife team, Christina and Tarek El Moussa, who seek out rundown homes in California that they buy then flip for a profit.

Their decorating is way more my style. Totally modern, sleek, & clean. I love the whites, grays, & cool tones used throughout their houses. Also, Christina is totally a fashion/beauty inspiration (can I have her purses??).

Comment below if you watch these shows!



Oh Joy! For Target!

Oh Joy! For Target!


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Target collaborations are something I have been tracking for years. On occasion I miss a few here & there, whether from lack of interest or lack of attention. On a recent trip to Target, I noticed some adorable items from a collection called Oh Joy! This collection is a collaboration with blogger and designer Joy Cho. Since pink & gold are a staple in this collaboration, I was hooked! Granted it’s meant for a nursery, but on their own these items are fabulous! I particularly like the heart ottoman & flower framed picture. Most of these items are still available at Target, in store & online.

Comment below if you bought any of these items!

Apartment Tour: Living Room & Kitchen!

As promised, here are some pictures of my apartment! This is the living room & kitchen. I love how it looks, & I think for the small space it has well used furniture & décor items. I get most of my décor items from Ross, Target, Marshalls, Home Goods, & TJ MAXX. While I believe that less is more, I also love having pieces that make me happy. Overall, I think my kitchen & living room is inviting and girly, obviously. Let me know what you think in the comments below! 🙂



How To Wrap Your Christmas Presents!


Most of us have gotten the majority of our Christmas gifts, but for many of us, that’s the easy part. Wrapping those gifts can be a challenge. I have a few tips that I’ve learned after many Christmases of wrapping faux pas. Learn from my mistakes! 😉

Measure Your Paper: Do your best to measure out your wrapping paper for each gift. This will allow for cleaner cut edges that always end up being seen on one part of your present. There is nothing less appealing than seeing jagged cuts from your extra paper that needed to be removed.

Have Your Tape Ready: Whether you have a tape dispenser that is fancy, or you’re lining your tape along a table (so me!), be sure to have it handy. It’s so annoying when your folding the sides of your present & realize you ran out of tape!

Use Various Paper Designs: I like to have separate paper designs for each person. So I would have a design for my best friend, my boyfriend, my mom…This allows both visual appeal under your tree, & will help keep your presents organized.

Bags Are Your Best Friend: When wrapping your gift is just not an option, buy a bag. This is an easy, though still festive, way to surprise your friend or family member. Be sure to have pretty tissue paper that goes well with the bag design.

Bows, Bows, Bows: Bows can help with mistakes, or just add a little more pizzazz!

Hopefully these tips will help make wrapping your presents a lot easier! Comment below with your tips & tricks!