Bridal Shower Festivities!

I’m currently sitting in the airport waiting to get on a flight back home. It’s been a whirlwind week. I got married, went on our honeymoon, and survived a hurricane! Hurricane aside, we had an amazing time!

I thought I’d do a quick post on my bridal shower. It was absolutely beautiful! My family and friends went above and beyond. Enjoy the pictures!





Halloween Happenings!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Halloween was so fun this year! I threw together a cute, little party with a few friends and family. We had a bunch of great food, and enjoyed a viewing of the movie Clue. It was so fun, even if it was a little thrown together at the last minute. I think those are the best parties, though!

I dressed up as a doctor, & my boyfriend was a soccer player. My brother put together a genius costume, Clark Kent.

How was your Halloween? Comment below!



Halloween Party Playlist!

Halloween is nearly here, & I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m having a little Halloween get together which should be so fun. I did a recent Target Halloween haul post, so check that out if you haven’t already. I’ve already created a Halloween playlist to listen to during my free time. I think this playlist has all the favorite Halloween songs everyone loves. I plan on playing this in the background during the party.

halloween playlist

Do you have a favorite Halloween song? Comment below!



Target Halloween Décor Haul!

Happy Monday, everyone!

If you read my Fall Favorites post you know that I’m having a Halloween party with some of my friends. I’ve always wanted to throw a Halloween party, & this year seems so perfect! Halloween is on a Saturday, so staying up late is totally fine. I will also, if all goes well, have an apartment to throw my party in. I’m going to be taking my first real step as a grown up. It’s scary, but exciting & I think I’m ready! Now, on to the haul!

The fact that I only had 15 minutes in Target probably attributed to my small haul. However, I think that worked in my favor. I went to the dollar section in Target (okay, not everything is a dollar, more like less than $5. But I feel like it’s a dollar section), which is usually located right as you enter the store. Talk about restraint on my part! I mean if you love Target, you know how hard it is to not buy the whole store up!

What I purchased:

  • Ghost Pillow
  • Two Dish Towels
  • “Happy Halloween” & “Spooky” Sign
  • Two Sets of Napkins
  • Two Sets of Plates
  • Pumpkin & Ghost Lights (4 Packs)
  • Ghost Candy Dish (From Goodwill)
My grand total? $29!
I’m so proud of myself! This haul works perfectly for my small party. Plus, how cute are those items??



The Perfect Hostess!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today I thought I’d talk about how to be the perfect hostess! Throwing a party can be both stressful & time-consuming. RSVP’s must be sent out, color scheme chosen, food made, tables set, & numerous other duties.

It is best to allow yourself plenty of time to make all these decisions. If you are throwing a rather large party (50-100 people), I think about 2-3 months allows you enough time to plan accordingly.

Once a color scheme is chosen (I picked gold & white), you can go out & purchase items that add elegance. I find that Marshalls & HomeGoods has the best selection when it comes to glassware, décor, & party items.

Food is where you can get really creative & fancy. Cheese plates with wine are a must! Petite, colorful hors d’oeuvres are perfect finger foods for small talk & allows your guests to mingle. Rather than a four-course meal, offer finger sandwiches. For dessert, small cakes, cookies, & coffee are the perfect way to end the night!

Here are a few more fabulous tips!



Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…When I was driving home from work yesterday, there were tiny flakes of snow falling!!! It was so cold that I wish I had a sweater on. That brings me to this post.
I’ve always wanted to attend an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I think it is so fun, & it is hilarious to see what people come up with! One year my parents made their own ugly Christmas sweaters. They had my family & I rolling on the floor from laughter!
That’s the thing, you don’t have to pay high dollar to get a sweater like this. While there are sites and stores where you can buy them, paying no more than a few dollars for these types of items is what I’m about. My advice is to either make your own, or browse thrift stores for them. My Mom was able to find an ugly sweater for every member of our family, all for less than $5 a piece. That’s what I call a bargain!
I hope you like these ugly sweater ideas! Have you been to an ugly Christmas sweater party??

Fun Forever21 Gifts!

Many of you will probably be attending Christmas parties in the near future. I found some cute Forever21 items, all under $20, that I think would make a great gag gift, or secret Santa gift. Enjoy & happy Friday! 🙂

1. Ryan Gosling Paper Doll

2. Ryan Gosling Coloring Book

3. I ❤ Trader Joe’s Cookbook

4. USB Holiday Tree

5. 90’s Coloring Book