Get The Look: Holly Golightly!

Get The Look: Holly Golightly!

Outfit Of The Day!

Here is a cute summer outfit that is so easy to put together!

Shirt & Shorts: Old Navy

Flip Flops: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Purse: Kate Spade

Sunglasses: J.Crew



Stylish St. Patrick’s Day!

Stylish St. Patrick's Day!

New Year’s Eve Outfit!

New Year's Eve Outfit!
New Year’s Eve is such a magical time. You are able to start over, clean slate. Also, everyone loves a New Year’s Eve kiss! I want to go to Times Square for New Year’s Eve one year. Or at the very least a fancy New Year’s Eve party! If I had the opportunity to go, I would wear something like this. I think glitter is a must, sequins a requirement!

Downtown Disney & OOTD!

Today my family & I went to Downtown Disney. It was really fun, & I got to pick up a few gifts for some friends. Here is my outfit & makeup look:

Shirt: Gap. Skirt: Ross. Purse: Coach.

I also got lunch at this cute food truck called “Superstar Catering.”

I got a Margarita Flatbread Pizza. It was delicious, & yes I ate it all myself!

My Mom & Me! ❤

It was a fun morning/afternoon. I think later tonight we will be visiting a few of the Disney hotels since they are decorated all pretty for Christmas.



Which Pair of Christmas Earrings Should I Wear?

Here is a picture of the Christmas earrings I have. I plan on wearing a J.Crew sweater, pictured below.

I’m thinking of wearing the silver bow earrings, but I’d like some input. Which pair of earrings do you think I should wear?

1. Reindeer

2. Christmas Bows

3. Christmas Trees

4. Sugar Cookies

Let me know in the comments below!