Mini Target Haul (Including Oh Joy! for Target)!

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! I’m trying my best to keep up with this blog. But the stress & details of planning a wedding are really taking its toll on me. All I can say is for those brides out there wedding planning, I feel your pain!

Now, on to my Target haul! I’ve previously posted on the amazing home décor line that Target has with Joy Cho known as Oh Joy! for Target. She makes the prettiest items that are full of color & life! I have to have colorful things in my home to keep me sane. It just makes me happy to see bright, cheerful items in my home.

Her newest additions to her line are definitely geared towards home items rather than her previous baby décor collection (though I did buy some of those items, no shame. Also, a lot of those items are in clearance, so look out for them. The heart ottoman was on sale for a steal!).

The only item I bought that wasn’t a part of her line is the light up “<3 Tacos” sign. I just thought that was adorable since my fiancé & I enjoy tacos all the time.

Comment below with your favorite Oh Joy! for Target items! 🙂



My Finds From The Oh Joy! Target Collection!

Long time, no blog. My new job is crazy right now. There is so much to learn and remember, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. It’s intense, but I must admit my first pay check was well worth it!

Now, on to the décor items that I’m obsessed with right now! Oh Joy! for Target is currently in stores. A lot of it is on sale, but if you happen to see it in your Target, especially the heart ottoman, I suggest snatching it up. The items I bought are so perfect for my apartment! Très chic!



Oh Joy! For Target!

Oh Joy! For Target!


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Target collaborations are something I have been tracking for years. On occasion I miss a few here & there, whether from lack of interest or lack of attention. On a recent trip to Target, I noticed some adorable items from a collection called Oh Joy! This collection is a collaboration with blogger and designer Joy Cho. Since pink & gold are a staple in this collaboration, I was hooked! Granted it’s meant for a nursery, but on their own these items are fabulous! I particularly like the heart ottoman & flower framed picture. Most of these items are still available at Target, in store & online.

Comment below if you bought any of these items!