Wedding Planning, Here I Come!

I’m engaged!!! I just love saying that! I’m beyond excited to marry my fiancé. We have been together for over seven years, so I’ve been patiently (Impatiently?) waiting for a proposal. Now that that has happened, the real planning begins. I have absolutely no idea about anything for planning our wedding. A few things I’d like:

Small, intimate

Not in the winter (summer isn’t preferred, either, though I won’t rule that out just yet)

On a Sunday (I’ve heard through other brides that it is cheaper to marry on a Sunday)

I found this funny, though completely accurate, illustration of planning a wedding. There is so much involved!!!

I thought I was stressed out about planning a wedding... then I saw this. No, now I'm stressed out.:

If you have any tips or words of advice, please comment below! ❤