Kind Words from Kelli Garner!

A while back I wrote two posts on the mini-series The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (Read them here and here). I put a link on my Instagram to my posts with a comparison of Kelli Garner as Marilyn Monroe. To my excitement she responded! It totally made my day! ❤


P.S. Kelli did an amazing job!



The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe: Part 2 Review!


The second part of The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe aired Sunday on Lifetime. Once again, Kelli Garner dazzled as she beautifully portrayed Marilyn Monroe.

First, the subway grate scene from the Seven Year Itch was fantastic! A few shots of Kelli were uncanny in her resemblance of Marilyn.

Second, the wardrobe was spot on! I couldn’t get over the detail that went into the costumes for this movie. Even small details, such as jewelry or shoes were meticulously done.

I thought the story was told fairly accurately. Considering the last few months of Marilyn’s life is shrouded in mystery, the ending was very well done. I won’t spoil it, but I thought it was touching. My only qualms are that I wanted more! I wish the Mr. President scene was longer, & that her marriages were shown, mostly for the costumes ;).

Lifetime surprised me with this film. It was very well done, & I would love to own it on DVD!


(P.S. The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe is airing on Lifetime tonight & tomorrow.)


What did you think of The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe? Comment below!



The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe: Part 1 Review!


Last night was the premiere of the Lifetime Two-Part Movie of The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. The story focuses on the transformation of Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe, while bringing about the unknown story of Marilyn’s mother Gladys’ mental illness.


Susan Sarandon’s daughter plays a young Gladys. (Gladys pictured on the right in the right picture.)


First, let me say that Kelli Garner is enchanting! She portrays Marilyn so well! Kelli has Marilyn’s waif-y, sweet voice down perfectly. As far as looks, I’m very convinced! While no one can look exactly like Marilyn, Kelli has the essence needed to portray Marilyn’s beauty & vulnerability.

Second, the costumes, hair, & makeup! I never put a lot of stock into Lifetime movies. Let’s be honest. Many times they are inaccurate, as well as poorly made. But The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe has so many nicely done scenes! Everything seems so accurate & real! I mean, the pictures speak for themselves!

I am beyond impressed with this movie so far! The second part airs tonight at 8pm. Let me know if you plan on tuning in!


The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe on Lifetime!

Marilyn Monroe has always been an inspiration of mine. Beautiful, smart, funny, & iconic beyond words. I’ve always felt a connection with her story, and relate to it in some ways. I’ve always felt she was misunderstood, used for others’ gains, & ultimately killed by the life she created.

Now, I’ve read numerous biographies about her. So anytime a movie about her is made, I’m the first on board. But I am also the first to say, “I hope they don’t make her a joke.” Honestly, most of the films created about her were exaggerated & inaccurate. There was one made in the 90’s with Ashley Judd & Mira Sorvino called “Norma Jean and Marilyn” that I thought was pretty accurate. While it is difficult to replicate bombshell Marilyn, I thought Ashley Judd looked a lot like Norma Jean. It used to be on YouTube if you want to check it out, though I remember it being in parts & didn’t have the ending (so I can’t say how I feel about that).

That brings me to Lifetime’s two-part miniseries about Marilyn Monroe. So far, it looks really well done. The actress playing Marilyn is Kelli Garner. She was in one of my favorite shows, Pan Am, before it was sadly ended. She is a great actress, & from what I’ve seen is playing Marilyn very well.



So what do you think? Will you be watching this miniseries??