Mini Target Haul (Including Oh Joy! for Target)!

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! I’m trying my best to keep up with this blog. But the stress & details of planning a wedding are really taking its toll on me. All I can say is for those brides out there wedding planning, I feel your pain!

Now, on to my Target haul! I’ve previously posted on the amazing home décor line that Target has with Joy Cho known as Oh Joy! for Target. She makes the prettiest items that are full of color & life! I have to have colorful things in my home to keep me sane. It just makes me happy to see bright, cheerful items in my home.

Her newest additions to her line are definitely geared towards home items rather than her previous baby décor collection (though I did buy some of those items, no shame. Also, a lot of those items are in clearance, so look out for them. The heart ottoman was on sale for a steal!).

The only item I bought that wasn’t a part of her line is the light up “<3 Tacos” sign. I just thought that was adorable since my fiancé & I enjoy tacos all the time.

Comment below with your favorite Oh Joy! for Target items! 🙂



Target Halloween Décor Haul!

Happy Monday, everyone!

If you read my Fall Favorites post you know that I’m having a Halloween party with some of my friends. I’ve always wanted to throw a Halloween party, & this year seems so perfect! Halloween is on a Saturday, so staying up late is totally fine. I will also, if all goes well, have an apartment to throw my party in. I’m going to be taking my first real step as a grown up. It’s scary, but exciting & I think I’m ready! Now, on to the haul!

The fact that I only had 15 minutes in Target probably attributed to my small haul. However, I think that worked in my favor. I went to the dollar section in Target (okay, not everything is a dollar, more like less than $5. But I feel like it’s a dollar section), which is usually located right as you enter the store. Talk about restraint on my part! I mean if you love Target, you know how hard it is to not buy the whole store up!

What I purchased:

  • Ghost Pillow
  • Two Dish Towels
  • “Happy Halloween” & “Spooky” Sign
  • Two Sets of Napkins
  • Two Sets of Plates
  • Pumpkin & Ghost Lights (4 Packs)
  • Ghost Candy Dish (From Goodwill)
My grand total? $29!
I’m so proud of myself! This haul works perfectly for my small party. Plus, how cute are those items??



Vineyard Vines & Banana Republic Haul!

Over my vacation I visited the outlets. I love outlet shopping. Honestly, for clothes I don’t see the point in paying full-price for designer items. One of the stores I went to was Vineyard Vines. While I love the look of the items, I was really unimpressed with the service at the store. The employees were very snooty, & acted like I needed to leave. All I could thing was, “This is an OUTLET store. Calm yo self.” LOL.

I ended up buying two Shep Shirt Pullovers. One for spring/summer, the other a little thicker for winter/fall. I picked both navy colors because I figured they go with anything.

I also visited Banana Republic. This is one of my favorite places to shop because they have petite sizes. It can be so hard to find petite sizes at most stores.

The shirt is so cute, & fits in that I’m-not-really-trying kind of way. I also got a pair of capris. Then, I found something I’ve been looking for since I can remember.

Boyfriend jeans!!!! Also, Banana Republic sizing runs big, so I was able to get them in a size 0. 😉



Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lip Gloss Review!

In my rush to get Lilly Pulitzer items at Target, I did manage to snag two lip glosses. I actually thought they were lipsticks, but when I got home I realized they were glosses. I was bummed when I realized that. But once I tried the glosses, I was forever changed!

The pigment of the glosses is exceptional! The colors are really bright & become the statement of your makeup look.

Another thing I love is the applicators. I was able to easily apply with precision, & get a smooth finish.

The two glosses I purchased were 105 in Pink Tremolo & 201 in Rose Symphony (which is what I’m wearing above).

Don’t think you can’t get these glosses anymore. I went to my local Target & they were in the L’OREAL section. They have various shades, even a nude which I was tempted to buy, but refrained.

Let me know if you have tried these lip glosses, & what you think!



My Love/Hate Relationship With Lilly Pulitzer for Target!

Let me start by saying this. I am BEYOND grateful for the Lilly items I was able to get. I got nearly everything I wanted, & then some. My qualm goes to Target. Let me explain.

Where to begin? Let’s start with the online debacle. My Mom and brother got up at, I believe 1 AM on Sunday, to try and order some Lilly items off the Target website. I was, and still am, sick (double ear infection, along with a head cold, ugh). I ended up staying up from about 2-3:30 AM. Come to find out, somehow a link was released to let people order early. Then, once Target realized, the site went down for a while. Once it finally went back up (not sure what time, I went to sleep. It was after 3:30 Am, though), my brother used his phone, while my Mom used the computer. They got a few items, though some were not in the desired sizes. It sold out within minutes.

Now, I understand that the site sold out & why. Lilly is beautiful! However, I really feel like Target had false advertising. Maybe I missed something along the way, but I did not get the memo that there would be NO restocking of items. I understand that the collaboration is limited edition, but no restocking. Really??

Once I was told that the site sold out (I got up at 5:30 AM), I new I needed to get to my Target. ASAP. So my wonderful Dad willingly drove me to our Target. I met my best friend, Liz, gave her a birthday & graduation present, and once we did that we got in line. When we got there, no one was in line. Once I handed off the present, three people stood in line. We ended up being fifth and sixth because a dad met his wife and daughter. Still, fifth and sixth was awesome for me!

My Dad also joined us. He was on a mission for my Mom. We waited from about 6:45-8:00 AM. The line got pretty long, though not crazy long. Now, this is were I got ticked off. At 7:57 AM, the Target manager came out. She only opened the pull doors, which was fine. Then she said this: “There is only ONE of each size for clothing.” Huh? What? How can that be??? ONE of each size. ONE???? No one had gotten dresses yet. I felt like they were already sold out! Then the girl in front of me ask, “What about the bathing suits?”

I quote: “I didn’t see any swim wear.”

Huh? How is that possible?? This is a collaboration. My Target has had them before. And was fully stocked before. This made no sense. I didn’t have time to really process this, because after that the doors opened. I quickly walked to the pink dress. That was my main focus. The girl in front of me grabbed the size 2, thank goodness, and I grabbed the size 4 (which fit perfectly). After that it is kind of a blur. I somehow got my size in the blue dress. After that I got confused. We only had two racks of clothes set up. Two small racks. Where was the rest? I grabbed a size 7 flip-flop, but by then everything was almost gone. In less than one minute.


My Dad attempted to get a specific scarf for my Mom. He felt so bad because he only got her one, sequin blue. It wasn’t the one she wanted, though she was very happy. He felt like he let her down because he didn’t grab more fast enough. Not his fault, inventory was extremely low.

Anyway, I headed over to beauty. I got some makeup bags & a headband. Then I left that section and went to home items. The section was way picked over. But I was able to get the glass ice bucket, & four wine glasses. After that it was all gone. All of it. Less than 5 minutes. I did go back to beauty. They had some nail polish, a few lip glosses, & nail files left. I grabbed a nail file because I actually need one. LOL. And two lip glosses. While I was there, a man asked if anyone wanted a blue makeup bag. I said, “I’ll take it!” It was the Nosie Posey print. Gorgeous!

Considering the craziness, I am so happy!! With that said, my Target was lacking. It had no sandals (pineapple & starfish ones), jewelry, some of the dress prints, or swim wear. I’m sure there was other things. The collaboration had 250 items.

When I got home, I tried on my dresses. Fit like a glove! I was so thankful the girl in front of me grabbed the size two. Then I learned the confusing news. Target was not restocking. Huh? (I said, “Huh?” a lot that day). How is that possible. Didn’t they restock for Missoni? & the collaboration with various designers???

Yes, I understand it’s limited edition. I know that means the stock is limited. But with one of each size, I expected at least one more restock.

Overall, I’m happy. I’m not happy with how Target handled everything. Poor management. Or planning. Or both.

With how everything went, I hope you all got everything you wanted!


What was your Lilly Pulitzer for Target experience like? Comment below!


Spring Break Haul!

Over spring break I had the chance to go outlet shopping. This is one of my favorite things to do when on vacation. You can find a lot of good deals & pretty things. Apparently, you should be shopping at the outlets during holidays; since it was Easter every store was having at least 50% off! I went to my two favorites, Kate Spade & J.Crew.

I got a beautiful clutch that says, “Bonjour Monsieur.” Kisses make this clutch even more adorable! Très chic!

I picked the necklace because it wasn’t as big as the other ones, & I thought it would go with most of my outfits.

On a side note, I also love the layout of the Kate Spade store. And the colors. Basically it makes me so happy! 🙂

Do you have any new items from a spring break haul? Comment below!


Mini Spring Haul!

I went out shopping over the weekend & found some cute items!

First off, the shoes! I am truly in love! ❤

Both shoes are from Ross. While I like both shoes, the loafers are my loves. They were the only pair in the store, & are leopard print with cat faces. So sweet!

The moccasins are blue. I use to live in a brown pair in high school, & I thought the blue color added a little something extra.

The hairspray was something I wasn’t sure about. The hairspray I currently have is on its last leg. I vaguely remember using this L’OREAL Paris hairspray in high school, but I don’t remember if I liked it. We shall see. It is for color-treated hair, which is a plus.

Finally, some dental care items.

I don’t like using a toothbrush for too long. I know you can use them for up to three months, but I think two months is better. So I was on the hunt for a nice toothbrush, value pack being a plus. I purchased Oral-B 3D White. This toothbrush is awesome! It cleans my teeth so well, like when you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist. Speaking of dentist, mine says I need to floss. So I figured these Floss Picks would be helpful. I like using them because there is no mess like using normal floss. Highly recommend both products!