NYX Makeup Favorites! 

I recently purchased the NYX Color Correcting Concealer. This stuff is amazing!

Taking notes from art class in elementary school, this concealer uses the color wheel for how to conceal. I use the green on any red spots (acne, pigmentation), and the yellow for blue under-eye circles or veins. Apply your foundation over the concealer. The results? Marvelous! 

I also love their Intense Butter Gloss. This color (IBLG11) is the exact one used on my wedding day. It’s a sweet little reminder! 

Comment below with your favorite NYX cosmetics! 

Chai & Conversations: OOTD!

 : Today I enjoyed a lovely outing with my Mom, aunt, & cousin. We had chai lattes and talked about girl stuff. So fun, & I can’t wait to do it again!



Winter Fun & Surviving Snow Storm Jonas! 

I survived snow storm Jonas! I hope everyone was safe & warm during this blizzard! Luckily we didn’t end up losing power. Tomorrow will be six days of being cooped up in the house. While I love my apartment, it feels small after almost a week of being snowed in. Tonight, my fiancé & I are going out to eat at a restaurant near by. It will be nice to venture out, because cabin fever is real, & it’s not fun! Rumor has it that another snow storm is on the horizon, set to take place Thursday or Friday. I’m hoping that it’s not anywhere near the amounts of Jonas, so let’s keep our fingers crossed! Some things I did while being cooped up:

Star Wars Trivia Game





Call Of Duty (my fiancé has me hooked)


Trekking through the Snow

Nancy Drew Computer Games

Comment below with how you survived the snow storm! I’m really curious, because other ideas would be great for any future storms! 🙂




10 Must Do Christmas Traditions!


I’ve always thought of Christmas as a magical time. The lights, the smells, the gifts. This time of year is just so different from the rest. For many of us, it’s a great time to incorporate Christmas traditions. Whether you realize you have them or not, most of us do something special during the Christmas season that has become a tradition. I’ve listed my top 10 must do Christmas traditions that are sure to add the Christmas spirit to your holiday. Enjoy!

1. Bake Cookies ~ Whether for yourself or someone else, cookies are a perfect way to celebrate the holidays. The classics are sugar, gingerbread, & shortbread.

2. Buy Gifts ~ Many people start long before the temperature gets cold outside. Sadly, I’m not one of those people. I take advantage of all the holiday sales, & tend to shop for gifts right up until Christmas.

3. Wrap Presents ~ Check out my recent post for wrapping tips & tricks!

4. Put Up Your Tree ~ One of my favorite traditions, I love having my tree up right after Thanksgiving. That way I can enjoy the lights for as long as possible.

5. Play in the Snow ~ This season doesn’t look like I’ll get much snow anytime soon. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a snow day, build a snowman, snow angels, & go sledding!

6. Watch a Christmas Movie ~ There are so many great Christmas movies to watch! I love It’s a Wonderful Life, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, & Meet Me In St. Louis.

7. Enjoy Family Time ~ Many people only get a chance to see family during the holidays. Take advantage of that time together, & don’t forget to take pictures.

8. Exchange Gifts with Friends ~ My bestie & I just exchanged our Christmas gifts. We enjoyed an Audrey Hepburn movie & champagne. Taking time for your friends is so important during the holiday rush!

9. Kiss Under the Mistletoe ~ One of the more romantic traditions. Find your special someone & enjoy a magical mistletoe kiss!

10. Start Your Own Christmas Traditions ~ Making your own traditions during the holidays makes them that much more special!



Halloween Happenings!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Halloween was so fun this year! I threw together a cute, little party with a few friends and family. We had a bunch of great food, and enjoyed a viewing of the movie Clue. It was so fun, even if it was a little thrown together at the last minute. I think those are the best parties, though!

I dressed up as a doctor, & my boyfriend was a soccer player. My brother put together a genius costume, Clark Kent.

How was your Halloween? Comment below!



Sofa Hunting & OOTD!


Shirt: Target. Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters. Jacket: Loft. Shoes: Ross.

Happy Monday, everyone!

So I had my first experience buying a couch. Let me just say, there is so much that I didn’t realize went into making this decision! Color, firmness, style, stain resistance. Picking a couch that would last me a while was a bigger struggle than I thought it would be (yes, first world problems). I finally decided on this teal colored couch by Ashley Furniture. My grandma was nice enough to buy my couch for me. Thank you, Maw Maw!!!! 🙂

Afterwards, we made a quick stop at Target. I had to try on this cute burgundy hat, such a great addition for your fall wardrobe. Sadly, I just can’t seem to pull off the hat look. But if you can pull off hats, be sure to check out Target. They have a lot of great floppy, fall hats!

The outfit above was what I wore on Saturday. I think it’s really cute! Kinda throw-backish, which is exactly what my boyfriend said when I showed him. Who knew he was so fashionable?? 😛

weekend_2 weekend_1



Halloween Party Playlist!

Halloween is nearly here, & I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m having a little Halloween get together which should be so fun. I did a recent Target Halloween haul post, so check that out if you haven’t already. I’ve already created a Halloween playlist to listen to during my free time. I think this playlist has all the favorite Halloween songs everyone loves. I plan on playing this in the background during the party.

halloween playlist

Do you have a favorite Halloween song? Comment below!