Steal Her Style: Lauren Conrad!

Steal Her Style: Lauren Conrad!

Lauren Conrad is the epitome of Cali-casual style. It’s hard to be casual but still chic, yet Lauren does so with perfection. Here are a few ways to capture that sunny California style!

1. Flowy-ness: Lauren tends to go for materials that don’t stick to her every curve. Whether that’s a flowy maxi dress, skirt, or shirt, she knows how to wear these with ease!

2. Button-Up Shirts: I always think of button-up shirts as being a more professional approach to any look. Lauren uses this idea to her benefit, making skinny jeans look way more put together.

3. Classic Bags: Lauren has beautiful, classic bags that will never go out of style. For me, that’s the best way to go, plus you tend to get more wear out of them.

4. Flats & Sandals: Since she is from Cali, Lauren loves her sandals & open-toed shoes. However, she also loves the ease of a flat that always looks classy.

5. Sunnies: Don’t forget your eye wear. Lauren has gorgeous sunglasses. I’ve learned it’s best to invest in one or two pairs, rather than having numerous cheap sunnies.

In the swing of things. LC Lauren Conrad at #Kohls:




Last Days of Summer!

Last Days of Summer!


Summer is coming to a close so quickly! I’m always surprised when it ends. You’d think I’d be use to it by now. But I think the older you get, the quicker it goes. There just isn’t enough time to enjoy the beautiful weather! I thought I’d list a few last-minute things you can do before the weather officially goes cold. Enjoy!
  • Go to the beach!
  • Make some s’mores!
  • Work on that tan!
  • Buy a swimsuit you’ve been eyeing (all now on sale)!
  • Eat your favorite summer time fruits!
  • Wear your favorite sandals!

Stylish St. Patrick’s Day!

Stylish St. Patrick's Day!