The Bake Shoppe in Rehoboth Beach, DE!

I have a big sweet tooth. Particularly for cake. Specifically chocolate cake. So many of my vacations involve trying delicious desserts at new places. A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to visit Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This is an adorable little town! While exploring, I found a cute bake shop, called nothing other than “The Bake Shoppe.”

 We tried a few different things. A cannoli, cheesecake, sugar cookies, & tea cookies. My dad said the cannoli was really good, but my favorite was the cheesecake!


This was so good! You could tell it was made fresh, & the crust was perfect!

All the desserts looked delicious! Also, the portions were big for the prices. Some of the cinnamon rolls were as big as my head!

On future trips, I will definitely be going back to The Bake Shoppe!


A Day At Bethany Beach, DE!

On Monday I took a shopping trip to Bethany Beach, DE. It is the cutest little town! It has so many shops that are unique & adorable! One store I went into was called “Yuppy Puppy.” It had hand-made dog treats, dog toys, & dog gifts. Bethany Beach is definitely more family & community oriented. The whole town is very clean & has a very mellow atmosphere. I loved it! 🙂