Memorable Wedding Guest ‘Book!’ 

When planning our wedding, I always had in the back of my mind ideas for a guest book. I knew I didn’t want to be too traditional, but I also wanted something classic that could stand the test of time. 

After looking through Pinterest and various weddings on the web, I came across the idea of a champagne bottle that your guests sign. This idea was so chic and classic! We ended up purchasing a bottle of Dom Pérignon circa 2006. 

Guests were able to sign both the bottle and the box it came in. Now we have a beautiful display from our wedding. Plus, when our 5oth anniversary comes around we will have some delicious bubbly to toast to! 

Comment below with your unique guest book ideas from your wedding! 💕


Winter Fun & Surviving Snow Storm Jonas! 

I survived snow storm Jonas! I hope everyone was safe & warm during this blizzard! Luckily we didn’t end up losing power. Tomorrow will be six days of being cooped up in the house. While I love my apartment, it feels small after almost a week of being snowed in. Tonight, my fiancé & I are going out to eat at a restaurant near by. It will be nice to venture out, because cabin fever is real, & it’s not fun! Rumor has it that another snow storm is on the horizon, set to take place Thursday or Friday. I’m hoping that it’s not anywhere near the amounts of Jonas, so let’s keep our fingers crossed! Some things I did while being cooped up:

Star Wars Trivia Game





Call Of Duty (my fiancé has me hooked)


Trekking through the Snow

Nancy Drew Computer Games

Comment below with how you survived the snow storm! I’m really curious, because other ideas would be great for any future storms! 🙂




My New Year’s Eve Plans!

Christmas this year was spent with my boyfriend’s family. We enjoyed company & presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I got a lot of wonderful gifts, including a set of pots & pans that I really love. You know you’re growing up when you want kitchen accessories! The next big event is New Year’s Eve. I’ve enjoyed the last few with my boyfriend. Our ritual is watching the New Year’s Eve special on TV, then enjoying a glass of champagne while the ball drops. Totally low-key but something we have made into a tradition.


This year I have adorable champagne pajamas. They are from Nick & Nora, & offer festive bubbly for the evening.

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?



Bridesmaid Dress to Date Night Impress!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Spring & summer tends to boast a lot of weddings. If you’ve had the honor of partaking in these events as part of the wedding party, you know the struggles of bridesmaid dresses. While I think the idea of ugly bridesmaid dresses is rather exaggerated, there is still the myth that you can’t wear your bridesmaid dress after the bride & groom says “I do.” Here are a few tips to turn your bridesmaid dress into a beautiful date night outfit!

  • Makeup

Makeup can be taken up a notch when going out for a night on the town. Using darker colors for your lips & eye shadows makes your bridesmaid dress feel more date-like. Use purples, reds, blacks, & blues for a beautiful face!

  • Jewelry

This is another instance where bolder is better. Add a statement necklace, earrings, or rings to make your dress stand out. Statement necklaces are my personal favorite, & give a chic look to a would-be bridesmaid dress.

  • Shoes

The sky’s the limit with your shoes! The higher the heel, the more date-like the outfit. Strappy heels also give a date night vibe & flirty look!

  • Clutch

Have fun with your clutch! A unique clutch makes your outfit stand out in the best way!

  • Alterations

Don’t be afraid to have alterations made on your dress. Whether you shorten, add fabric, change the color, the possibilities are endless!

Many stores & shops are taking the bridesmaid dress from wedding to date night. Weddington Way is no exception! They have beautiful bridesmaid dresses in numerous colors & styles that could easily be transformed into date night attire. Here are a few of my favorites:

 Don’t be afraid to give your bridesmaid dress a second chance! You may just love it even more!



Vegas, Baby!

I want to go to Vegas at least once in my life. It’s one of those trips everyone wants to take. The lights, slots, & drinks are trademarks of Vegas. Knowing this, I think my outfits for Vegas would be bold, even a little over-the-top for my style. So I created a few different outfits that I would wear for various Las Vegas activities. I hope you like them!
Be sure to check out to find resorts, attractions, clubs & much more!
1. Resort/Casino
This look is perfect for walking around the casino & restaurants in your resort. The Mirage looks like a glamorous place to stay! I think this outfit would be fabulous to wear while staying there!
Vegas, Baby!


2. Sight Seeing
Nevada is known for the heat. When you venture out of your resort, you want to be both comfortable & cool. This look is easy to pull together, just don’t forget your sunnies!
Sight Seeing!
3. Night Life
I went for a more sophisticated look for evening activities. I found a bar called Laguna Champagne Bar that looks a little more up-scale than most bars. There is a variety of champagne & champagne cocktails to choose from. And if you are a novice to champagne, like myself, the bartenders & servers are there to offer their expertise. You’ll be a champagne ace in no time!
Luck Be A Lady!
Do you think these looks would work in Las Vegas? Comment below!