Outfit Of The Day!


Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here is the outfit I wore to work yesterday. I thought it looked really cute, simple, & warm considering it recently turned into a winter tundra.

Sweater: Old Navy

Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Shoes: Marshalls

Necklace: Banana Republic



Outfit Of The Day!


This is an outfit I wore last weekend. Totally cute & easy for fall weather!

Purse: Coach

Shoes: Sperry’s

Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Shirt: Banana Republic

Necklace: My Great Nan’s

Jacket: Ross



Vineyard Vines & Banana Republic Haul!

Over my vacation I visited the outlets. I love outlet shopping. Honestly, for clothes I don’t see the point in paying full-price for designer items. One of the stores I went to was Vineyard Vines. While I love the look of the items, I was really unimpressed with the service at the store. The employees were very snooty, & acted like I needed to leave. All I could thing was, “This is an OUTLET store. Calm yo self.” LOL.

I ended up buying two Shep Shirt Pullovers. One for spring/summer, the other a little thicker for winter/fall. I picked both navy colors because I figured they go with anything.

I also visited Banana Republic. This is one of my favorite places to shop because they have petite sizes. It can be so hard to find petite sizes at most stores.

The shirt is so cute, & fits in that I’m-not-really-trying kind of way. I also got a pair of capris. Then, I found something I’ve been looking for since I can remember.

Boyfriend jeans!!!! Also, Banana Republic sizing runs big, so I was able to get them in a size 0. 😉



Fat Daddy’s Sub Shop!

Last night my boyfriend and I had a hankerin’ for some pizza. We decided to try a restaurant called Fat Daddy’s Sub Shop. It is a cute little restaurant. You seat yourself and order when you are ready (very appealing to me).

Fat Daddy's

We ordered a 12″ pizza (we got three slices each) with half pineapple (for me!) and half bacon.


It was really good! I highly recommend, and next time I would like to try their subs.

Here is what I wore (Sorry the pic is not the best, no full-length mirror):


Denim jacket: Banana Republic

Maxi dress: Kohl’s

Watch: Charming Charlie’s

Marilyn Monroe iPhone case: Icing store (like Claire’s)



Outlet Shopping Tips & Tricks!

Outlet Shopping!

If you know me well, you know I love a good bargain. So when the opportunity to shop at an outlet store arises, I am the first to go! Over the years, I have learned a few tips and tricks that I think are helpful when shopping at outlets. Enjoy!

1. Invest In a Pretty Purse

I never pay full price for purses. I see no need to when you can go to an outlet and get the same designer bag for a lot less. My purse outlet stores include Coach and Michael Kors. I have found beautiful, stylish purses for a lot less. The quality is excellent, and the purses will last you a long time. I have some Coach purses from five years ago, and they look nearly brand new!

2. Know Your Discounts

Typically when you enter an Outlet store, the sales people will offer you a coupon with an extra percentage off your purchase. Take advantage of these if given the chance. Also, many of the stores offer other discounts such as Student or Military. If you are not sure which stores offer what, don’t hesitate to ask. The worst they can say is no!

3. Look For the Clearance Racks

When at Outlet stores, be on the lookout for the clearance racks. These typically offer an extra 30-50 percent off of already marked down items. While it may be tedious to sift through all the clearance items, scoring that cute top for $5 makes it worth the effort!

4. Know the Return/Exchange Policies

This is where Outlet shopping can get tricky. Be sure to ask, BEFORE you purchase, what the store’s return or exchange policy is. If you are someone who tends to return items, this is very important. Some stores don’t mind giving you a full refund. Others only allow exchanges or store credit. Knowing this in advance helps when you aren’t quite sure about an item; being able to return it at a later date makes purchasing less risky.

5. Give Yourself Enough Time

Having to rush through the stores makes your Outlet experience less than fun. I find it is best to be able to give at least most of your day to shopping the Outlets, depending on how many you want to visit. There is nothing worse than impulse buying because you have to get somewhere, only to realize you don’t love the item when you get home. Also, it takes time to find the good deals. Then there is the process of trying on the items you wish to buy. Giving yourself enough time guarantees you find great items that you will truly love!


I hope you found these tips helpful! Comment below and tell me your tips & tricks for Outlet shopping!


Outlet Haul!

Over the weekend I got to shop at the Outlets. I love to outlet shop, and I always find something cute and affordable. Enjoy!

1. J. Crew


I got these adorable pink shorts for $13.

2. Kate Spade


Most of the Kate Spade items are rather expensive, but I found this cute holographic iPhone case for $25.

3. Loft


This cute shirt was $25.

4. Gap


I saw these near the checkout counter. Clearance for $15.

5. Banana Republic


This nautical shirt was $5.


Overall, I think I found some great deals!

Comment below and tell me about your Outlet finds!