How To Pick Your Wedding Colors!

When planning my wedding, I knew I wanted the colors of blush & gold. I felt these two colors were both on trend, as well as timeless. For many brides, deciding on what your wedding colors should be can be a daunting task. Here are a few of my tips that should help make the choice a little bit easier.

  • Pick a dark and light combination: You want your wedding colors to be complimentary as well as contrasting. An easy way to do this is by picking a dark base color, and accenting it with your lighter color choice._mg_8230
  • Consider your season, but don’t let that limit you: I chose blush as one of my colors, which is typically a spring or summer color. But I got married in the fall. While it can be smart or convenient to select you colors based on the season you get married in, don’t let that limit your choices. I had my heart set on the blush color, oranges and burgundies just weren’t my thing. :
  • Use Pinterest as inspiration & direction: When you are picking linens, charger plates, flowers, and other items that involve your colors, it can get overwhelming. I highly recommend using Pinterest to hon your ideas. It will give you some direction, as well as specific pictures to show your vendors.
  • Make sure you have a base color: The base color of your palette needs to be a neutral. White, cream, or even black are great bases to keep your colors in check. Our wedding featured a lot of white in the background of the color scheme. This will help keep your colors from overwhelming your beautiful day. :

I hope these tips will help you when picking out your wedding colors! Comment below with your wedding day color scheme!




5 thoughts on “How To Pick Your Wedding Colors!

  1. Are these you’re wedding decor pics? I absolutely love the blush and gold mix. I’m not getting married anytime soon lol but I’ve always loved the vintage colors for like a garden type wedding. Ps. I totally agree with you on mixing the light and dark colors. It makes beautiful contrasts.

  2. Your photographer, wow! I love the way you’ve put the blush and gold together. We chose Tiffany blue and chocolate brown for our wedding, but it ended up being too heavy, so we made the last minute choice to mix in pops of orange, which worked out pretty well. I do sometimes regret that I didn’t stick with my first choice of lavender and poppy, but hindsight is 20/20, right?

    • I feel you! There are a few things we wished we did differently. Those colors sound pretty, though! I almost went with the Tiffany blue! But the blush looked so pretty I went with that color.

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