Under the Sink Organization!

I’ve been on a huge cleaning/discarding kick lately. One of my recent areas that I’ve had the desire to clean is the dreaded under the sink cabinet. The simple idea that I used for organizing this space is shoe boxes. I got this idea from the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I recently did a post about cleaning out my closet using her methods. It worked so well that I decided to also apply her methods to other areas of my apartment.


Before & After.

She suggests the simple solution of shoe boxes/boxes for storing your items. Her claim is that we tend to focus too much on how we are going to store items, and end up not using the storage ideas because they are too tedious to keep up with. Shoe boxes are an easier alternative: they come in different sizes/colors, are rectangular so they fit nicely in spaces, & are easy to get since you probably have them around your house already.


I’m really loving this storage!

What do you think?? Comment below with your organizing tips & tricks!



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