Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping!

Over the weekend I had my first experience trying on wedding dresses. While it was in no way like Say Yes to the Dress, I was able to say yes to a dress!


A few things I learned while shopping for my dress:

1. Size of the dress doesn’t matter: The store I went to had various sizes, from 8s to I believe 24s. I tried on various dresses in almost all these sizes. Wedding dresses are based on European sizes, so the numbers are off by a bit, in some cases a lot. Also, when you put on a dress, your consultant will be clipping you into any dress you put on. I’m talking I had 8 clips at some points!

2. Try every style once: I tried lace, roched, belted, trumpet, a-line, ball gown, and whatever else I liked. It is so hard to tell if you like a dress when it’s on a hanger. Go for a specific detail of a dress and try it. You never know!

3. Think of your venue when choosing: Realize your wedding venue plays a part in picking a dress. If you have a destination wedding, you’ll want something that won’t wrinkle. If it’s outside, pick something light and airy. If it’s a black tie affair go for sophisticated & grand.

4. You might not have a crying moment: I’ll be honest, I didn’t cry when I found “the dress.” Of course I was happy, but the whole idea of a wedding makes me really nervous. I was just glad I found a dress that fit me so well & looked classic!

5. If you don’t have bling, it can be added: I picked a dress with no bling, but I found a bling belt that I added to my dress. Just because there is no bling, doesn’t mean you can’t have it!

6. Remember your timeline: It takes months to get a dress ordered in your size. Mine won’t be ready until May. Don’t forget that if you have a wedding happening in a year or less, get your dress ASAP!

I hope this helps you with your future wedding dress shopping! Comment below with any other tips you may have!



7 thoughts on “Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping!

  1. Tip number two is so crucial! I went dress shopping with a friend who thought she wanted a dress with sleeves. She only picked out dresses with sleeves. Then “just for fun” the bridal consultant pretty much forced her to try a strapless dress (she was pissed at that lady!) but then she ended up LOVING it- and that’s the dress she bought! You never know till you try!

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