10 Must Do Christmas Traditions!


I’ve always thought of Christmas as a magical time. The lights, the smells, the gifts. This time of year is just so different from the rest. For many of us, it’s a great time to incorporate Christmas traditions. Whether you realize you have them or not, most of us do something special during the Christmas season that has become a tradition. I’ve listed my top 10 must do Christmas traditions that are sure to add the Christmas spirit to your holiday. Enjoy!

1. Bake Cookies ~ Whether for yourself or someone else, cookies are a perfect way to celebrate the holidays. The classics are sugar, gingerbread, & shortbread.

2. Buy Gifts ~ Many people start long before the temperature gets cold outside. Sadly, I’m not one of those people. I take advantage of all the holiday sales, & tend to shop for gifts right up until Christmas.

3. Wrap Presents ~ Check out my recent post for wrapping tips & tricks!

4. Put Up Your Tree ~ One of my favorite traditions, I love having my tree up right after Thanksgiving. That way I can enjoy the lights for as long as possible.

5. Play in the Snow ~ This season doesn’t look like I’ll get much snow anytime soon. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a snow day, build a snowman, snow angels, & go sledding!

6. Watch a Christmas Movie ~ There are so many great Christmas movies to watch! I love It’s a Wonderful Life, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, & Meet Me In St. Louis.

7. Enjoy Family Time ~ Many people only get a chance to see family during the holidays. Take advantage of that time together, & don’t forget to take pictures.

8. Exchange Gifts with Friends ~ My bestie & I just exchanged our Christmas gifts. We enjoyed an Audrey Hepburn movie & champagne. Taking time for your friends is so important during the holiday rush!

9. Kiss Under the Mistletoe ~ One of the more romantic traditions. Find your special someone & enjoy a magical mistletoe kiss!

10. Start Your Own Christmas Traditions ~ Making your own traditions during the holidays makes them that much more special!




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