How To Wrap Your Christmas Presents!


Most of us have gotten the majority of our Christmas gifts, but for many of us, that’s the easy part. Wrapping those gifts can be a challenge. I have a few tips that I’ve learned after many Christmases of wrapping faux pas. Learn from my mistakes! 😉

Measure Your Paper: Do your best to measure out your wrapping paper for each gift. This will allow for cleaner cut edges that always end up being seen on one part of your present. There is nothing less appealing than seeing jagged cuts from your extra paper that needed to be removed.

Have Your Tape Ready: Whether you have a tape dispenser that is fancy, or you’re lining your tape along a table (so me!), be sure to have it handy. It’s so annoying when your folding the sides of your present & realize you ran out of tape!

Use Various Paper Designs: I like to have separate paper designs for each person. So I would have a design for my best friend, my boyfriend, my mom…This allows both visual appeal under your tree, & will help keep your presents organized.

Bags Are Your Best Friend: When wrapping your gift is just not an option, buy a bag. This is an easy, though still festive, way to surprise your friend or family member. Be sure to have pretty tissue paper that goes well with the bag design.

Bows, Bows, Bows: Bows can help with mistakes, or just add a little more pizzazz!

Hopefully these tips will help make wrapping your presents a lot easier! Comment below with your tips & tricks!




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