Christmas Time & Where I’ve Been!

Christmas is just around the corner, & I couldn’t be more excited! We’ve been enjoying decorating our apartment. That’s right, I said “our” apartment! After a year of applying for jobs, getting no response or a straight out “no” for jobs, my boyfriend got a job! It’s what he really wanted, & even though it took a while, I’m glad he waited for the job he wanted. Our long distance relationship is finally over, & he moved over this past weekend. Crazy! 🙂 It took us a while to unpack everything, not to mention we are still straightening everything up. So my apartment tour is on the back burner until we get everything together.

We also went engagement ring shopping! Talk about diamond overload. I just didn’t realize there were so many rings with so many different designs. I thought I wanted a princess cut solitaire ring, with diamonds on the band. But after trying on that look I thought it just wasn’t sparkly enough. The fashionista in me loves sparkles! I’ve found one ring that I really love. We are going to one more jewelry store to be sure it’s what I want. I’m so excited that we are taking these steps in starting our lives! I’ve been with this man for over seven years. I love him so much, & I’m glad he loves me the same. ❤

Now, about decorating our tree. It was a trip! We got this one tree that looked nice & full on the box. Don’t be fooled by the cover! This tree was so pitiful looking! The lights in the middle didn’t even work! I called it a Charlie Brown tree.


We ended up returning the tree and buying one that was only $10 more. I think the end result was so much better!


Comment below with how your holiday is going so far!




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