Thanksgiving Outfit Guide!

Thanksgiving Outfit Guide!

Dressing for the holidays always seems extra difficult. Not only do you have to look nice for potential family photos, but you also have the reality of eating a lot of delicious foods. Thanksgiving is no exception. This is a holiday where you want to achieve both cuteness & comfort. There are three options for outfits: 1. Casual, 2. Semi-Formal, 3. Formal.

  1. Casual: My personal favorite! The last thing I want to be is uncomfortable while enjoying Thanksgiving foods. Going casual guarantees comfort & relaxation!
  2. Semi-Formal: This is a great outfit to wear if you have a small family get-together. You want to look nice if this is the first time you are seeing family in a while.
  3. Formal: Cocktails & caviar? This is the outfit for you! Or if you just want to look really nice for Thanksgiving! πŸ˜‰
Remember, wear what makes you feel happy & comfortable. Also, keep in mind the season. Go for colors that are typically seen in the fall: burgundy, tan, cream, burnt orange. These will make you stand out in the nicest way!

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