I’m a Belieber??


Dare I admit the I am becoming a Belieber??? I never thought I’d say the words, but I am really starting to like Justin Bieber. Call me crazy or overly optimistic, but I feel like he’s gotten himself together in the past year. His newest album, Purpose, was recently released, & it’s actually really good!

Favorite Songs:


What Do You Mean?

Love Yourself

The Feeling


And is it just me, or did he also get really cute all of a sudden??

I also saw him on Ellen last week. He was hilarious!

Not to mention he is in Zoolander 2. His part in the trailer cracked me up!

I love when celebrities make comebacks (yes, I’m still rooting for Lindsay Lohan). So the fact that Justin seems to have his stuff together makes me happy. Plus, the guy has talent & I’m glad he’s using it in a purposeful way.

Have you been bitten with Bieber fever? Comment below!

(P.S. Zoolander 2!!! I’m so excited!)



6 thoughts on “I’m a Belieber??

  1. I had Bieber Fever when he first started his career but I I didn’t like how he was behaving, it was almost as if he was trying too hard but I’m glad he got himself together before it got worse. By the way, the trailer is super funny!!😂

  2. I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet but I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this album, saying it’s really great despite what you might think about him! Maybe I’ll give it a shot!

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