5 Ways to Better Your Morning Routine!

I’m lucky enough to be a morning person. I’ve never had an issue with getting up early, in fact I rather enjoy it. I like being up while everyone else is asleep. I feel like I can get a lot of things done, & prepare myself for the rest of the day. However, when it’s a work day….Ugh.


My motivation is diminished in the morning when I have to go to work, knowing there is a long day ahead of me. So how do I keep my morning person happiness? Planning. I have five ways to help make my mornings a little bit smoother. This makes the rest of my day feel put-together, & I don’t dread my work day as much!

  1. Automatic Coffee Maker: This is something that everyone may not have, but if you do it’s a life saver! I have a Black & Decker coffee maker that I am able to auto start for before I roll out of bed. That way, when I wake up my coffee is all ready! Just be sure to set it up the night before. πŸ˜‰
  2. Plan Your Outfit: This is were I lack a lot of the time. Look up the weather the night before, then pick out your outfit accordingly. This will help you save five minutes of, “Maybe this dress?” “Do these pants still fit?” “Where is my cardigan??” Trust me, that could be five minutes of extra sleep.
  3. Finish Something on Your To-Do List: The night before a long work day, I like to have something marked off my to-do list for the next day. Maybe I’ll do a load of laundry, a college assignment, or have the dishes cleaned. This really helps me feel like the next day won’t be as difficult to tackle.
  4. Mini Clean: I save my huge cleaning things for the weekends, but doing a ten minute clean the night before work can make you feel so great in the morning! I like to have my sink empty, my floors swept (if it needs it), & my counters cleared. This clears your mind and offers a more restful sleep.
  5. Pre-Pack Your Lunch: If you take lunch to work, packing the night before is such a great way to have an easy morning. It also helps with keeping your meals healthy. Rather than grabbing a granola bar or a slice of leftover pizza, you have a better chance of packing a healthy salad or sandwich.
Hopefully this will help you with your morning routine! Comment below with how you like to get ready for your mornings!

11 thoughts on “5 Ways to Better Your Morning Routine!

  1. Do you mind me asking what Black & Decker coffee maker do you have? Can you buy it off of amazon? I have been looking for a nice coffee maker but not the Keuirg coffee maker. It is a little too much money for me to be honest. Thanks!

  2. these are the best! i’ve tried most of them and they are certainly life changing! i also find that if you manage (somehow) to motivate yourself to get to the gym in the morning you feel SO much better during the day because you can look back and think “it’s only 11am and i’ve already gone to the gym and gone to class/work”
    great tips lindsey!

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