Accessorize With Headbands!

Hair accessories are nothing new, but I feel like headbands are ones that make a comeback every few years. Typically thought of as a preppy accessory, headbands offer a little bit of glam while still having a sophisticated feel. The most recent headband queen I can think of is Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. She took headbands to the next level. I mean, she looked on point every time she donned a headband. This accessory totally completed nearly every outfit she wore, & she didn’t look like a little girl wearing them.

If you decide to try this trend, do it! My advice is to experiment. Look at the width of the band, color, & added details. Thicker bands will be much bolder, and thinner bands tend to look a little more elegant. While added details can look fun, don’t go overboard. Remember, you want sophistication!

Alternate Product Image 1 Selected

France Luxe Skinny Headband, $20.

Tasha Pearly Headband, $22.

L. Erickson ‘Beverly Hills’ Headband, $95.




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