Weekend Furniture Hunting!

Happy Monday, everyone!

This weekend was really busy for me. Saturday included getting up early in the morning to go to yard sales. I didn’t get anything major, but afterwards we had delicious breakfast at a little restaurant called Zee Best CafΓ©. I got French toast with sausage links. It was so good!! My mom got biscuits & gravy, which I took a taste of (okay, more like I ate a biscuit).

On Sunday I went to a salvage flea market. There were so many cute refurbished & upcycled items! I ended up buying a salvaged dessert buffet table from the 50’s to go under my TV in my living room. I also got a bar cart, which is so beautiful! I am waiting to give a full view of these items until I move into my apartment. That’s a future post I can’t wait to do! Afterwards we got cupcakes from a pumpkin farm, which were so yummy!

How was your weekend? Comment below!




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