Kitchen Items!

Kitchen Items!


Furnishing & equipping an apartment is a major task. You don’t really realize how many items you need for each room of a home until that reality is right in front of you. And I don’t mean fancy rugs or pillows. I’m talking about the essential, everyday items that you take for granted when living with family. It’s a major haul & a major money taker. My adventure into adulthood is happening in the near future. I’m moving into my own apartment, which I’m thrilled about. Buying the necessities, not so much.
I plan on using thrift stores, yard sales, and family help to obtain my needed items.
Do you have any advice on filling your apartment with necessities? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Items!

  1. We just moved and filled our house as well! Since we also just got married we got a lot of the necessities as wedding gifts which was amazing! We love to go to auctions and see what pieces we can pick out that we need though and re-vamp them into something new and pretty!

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