Target Halloween Décor Haul!

Happy Monday, everyone!

If you read my Fall Favorites post you know that I’m having a Halloween party with some of my friends. I’ve always wanted to throw a Halloween party, & this year seems so perfect! Halloween is on a Saturday, so staying up late is totally fine. I will also, if all goes well, have an apartment to throw my party in. I’m going to be taking my first real step as a grown up. It’s scary, but exciting & I think I’m ready! Now, on to the haul!

The fact that I only had 15 minutes in Target probably attributed to my small haul. However, I think that worked in my favor. I went to the dollar section in Target (okay, not everything is a dollar, more like less than $5. But I feel like it’s a dollar section), which is usually located right as you enter the store. Talk about restraint on my part! I mean if you love Target, you know how hard it is to not buy the whole store up!

What I purchased:

  • Ghost Pillow
  • Two Dish Towels
  • “Happy Halloween” & “Spooky” Sign
  • Two Sets of Napkins
  • Two Sets of Plates
  • Pumpkin & Ghost Lights (4 Packs)
  • Ghost Candy Dish (From Goodwill)
My grand total? $29!
I’m so proud of myself! This haul works perfectly for my small party. Plus, how cute are those items??




7 thoughts on “Target Halloween Décor Haul!

  1. This post is right on time for me! Recently I have been thinking on buying Halloween decorations, but was not yet sure what I wanted 🙂 I got some ideas from you post! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂 xxx

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