Why You Should Be Watching ‘House of DVF!’

We can't wait for the premiere of Season 2 of House of DVF.:

I’m a big TV junkie, so it doesn’t take much for me to watch a show. With that said, when House of DVF came on E! Network, I was totally hooked!

If you didn’t know, DVF stands for Diane Von Furstenberg. She is a beyond amazing fashion designer famous for her wrap dresses. These dresses are simply lovely, offering a flattering fit & style to anyone’s shape.

Now, the premise of the show is for Diane to search for, and ultimately find, a new employee fit for her brand & company. I love how Diane speaks her mind so bluntly.

She is rather hilarious in that aspect. But she also knows when someone isn’t a perfect fit, & when someone needs a little push or advice to seek their full potential.

I think this show is so great for all the fashionistas out there. It gives you a lot of different insight into the fashion world. From design, to sales, to runway shows.

Check it out every Sunday at 10pm on E! Network!



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