Kate Spade Featuring Anna Kendrick!

Kate Spade!


The new Kate Spade additions are so adorable! I particularly have a soft spot for the gnome & chocolate strawberry!
I also love the new #missadventure series staring Anna Kendrick for Kate Spade. I think Anna is beyond funny & precious!
I Love Lucy (gif)
This commercial reminds me of when Lucy sees a famous person at the Brown Derby. Really cute!
P.S. her dog is a mini Ewok!

2 thoughts on “Kate Spade Featuring Anna Kendrick!

  1. Haha! The video is so adorably awkward! (Totally how I would be if I found myself having to eat alone.) I was going to say which was my favorite, but I like them all! I think the fox and the strawberry are top picks, though. πŸ˜‰

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