How To Channel Blair Waldorf’s Style!

Blair Waldorf is the epitome of outfit perfection. Her character on Gossip Girl was always aware of the impact of meticulously put together outfits. She went for classics, tailored cuts, & head-to-toe togetherness. Here are a few ways to achieve her look!

1. Dresses & Skirts

Rarely is Blair seen in anything other than a dress or skirt. Keeping this feminine look allows for instant glam & sophistication!

Blair Waldorf: Blair Waldorf - Oscar de la Renta: blair waldorf fashion | Tumblr:
2. Accessories
Never underestimate the power of accessories! Blair was known for her headbands, heels, & bags!
oh my beautiful Blair Waldorf, you are as pretty as the butterfly on your hair. xoxo Gossip Addict Girl :): QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Character Are You?: Serena / Valley Girls / Prom:
3. Bright Colors 
Queen B was also never afraid of color. Pops of color is an easy way to achieve Blair status!
Blair Waldorf in Stella McCartney lemon skirt: I love mustard yellow and grey combo!!: Blair Waldorf:
I love nothing and no one, except for shoes, clothes, and anything Harry Winston. - Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl:

9 thoughts on “How To Channel Blair Waldorf’s Style!

  1. Great blog, loved reading it. I’m obsessed with Blair’s style lol I watched Gossip Girl so fast on Netflix. My favorite of your tips here was the dresses and skirts, Blair always finds a way to wear them to almost every event, I love it. Still on the hunt for perfect pleated skirts like hers. X

  2. The Alums of Gossip Girl have come back with a new show and I was so excited, after watching the 1st episode I am preparing for a heart break. May be they can still turn it around and give something as awesome as GG again, Fingers crossed! XOXO

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