The Rise of “Mom” Jeans (& Why I Love Them)!

Fashion trends come & go, some being better than others. I recently found that mom jeans are becoming extremely popular. At first I was like, why??? I got horrible 90’s flashbacks. I just didn’t understand the appeal or fascination with wearing jeans that go past your bellybutton. Ironically, my mom showed me some jeans from 7 For All Mankind that are total mom jeans reincarnate. But…they are cute! I think it is the cut, wash, & styling that makes them so appealing. You can find jeans like this hidden under the names of “mid-rise” & high-waist.” Just remember, fit is everything when pulling off these jeans. Also, a modern take is necessary to keep you in this decade. 😉

BDG The Mom Jean - Black #urbanoutfitters. MOM JEANS ARE BACK!!!!Native Youth Mom Jean - Vintage Light BlueBDG High-Rise Twig Grazer Jean - Vintage White




2 thoughts on “The Rise of “Mom” Jeans (& Why I Love Them)!

  1. I love the new mid and high-rise jeans. Gap has great ones! That being said, I don’t think of them as “mom” jeans per se. Mom jeans have a bagginess at the tummy. Mom jeans have a certain frumpiness in the entire cut of the jeans. I believe more in a “mom” jeans look: The jeans worn either longer or at a “capri” length (not to be confused with ankle length). True Mom jeans have a very faded and washed out look. They are also worn with horrific thick white ankle sport socks and hideous white or similar sneakers. Lest we forget the printed baggy camp shirt or oversized baggy shapeless t-shirt they are worn with. I shudder at the visuals. This is one OLD mom who despises mom jeans in any way-but I love the new mid and high rise jeans! XOXOXOXO!!

    • The 7 For All Mankind jeans are definitely a modern take. But I’ve seen mom jeans that are in style now-with the baggy-ness and faded white wash. Total throwback!

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