My Blogging Experience!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I thought I’d take a moment to write about my blogging experience. I’ve been blogging for almost a year & a half now. It’s definitely been a learning experience. It still amazes me that people like to read my posts. I really just write about things I like, my interests or ideas. I would say my niche is fashion, style, & anything vintage. I keep my writing positive, as well. I personally feel that is so important. I know when I read another blog, I don’t like to feel bad afterwards. Keeping things uplifting helps me keep my mind positive. Since my blog is a personal outlet, I want to go to it for when I need a boost. I think it is also important to consistently write. I try to post everyday, & I take advantage of scheduling posts. My goal is to create the best posts I can. is also great for creating collages for specific post topics. I find inspiration from pretty much anything, whether it’s magazines, books, movies, etc. Write about what you love. But my best advice is this: Blog for yourself. Don’t let the numbers, haters, or insecurities get in your way. Have fun & blog!




6 thoughts on “My Blogging Experience!

  1. Great post! I too have been blogging for about a year and it was nice to see your reflection on your experience. It really is a lot of fun and important to take advantage of the resources available to you, like you said 🙂

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