Back To Class!

Even though I know it’s about to come to a close, I’m trying to ignore the fact that summer is ending. For many of us, the end of summer means the beginning of school or college. Confession: I actually love school. I’m slowly getting my Bachelor’s Degree, so for me college classes are a requirement. Growing up, I was that kid who loved back to school shopping. New supplies were my favorite thing to shop for. I also worked hard at school, which continues to this day (4.0 GPA, thank you very much!). But as I entered college I realized that the necessities of binders, colored pencils, & cute erasers just wouldn’t cut it anymore. Here are my class necessities!

  • Coffee ~ This wonderful drink was not taken into account when I was younger. Boy, did I miss out! Now, I can’t begin my day without a nice hot cup of coffee & a dab of creamer.
  • Watch ~ While phones are great for keeping time, there is something timeless about knowing the time with a flick of your wrist. I have found that a watch is much more convenient than trying to dig my phone out of my bag.
  • Backpack ~ When I took classes on campus, backpacks were still a requirement. Carrying all your books & notebooks in your hand is not the easiest. Luckily, you can find a pretty backpack that has enough room for all your things.
  • Agenda ~ Writing down what you need to do every week helps keep your mind clear. Whether you keep assignment deadlines, or lunch dates with friends, you’ll be thankful you can visualize your week ahead!
  • Laptop ~ Have laptop, homework will travel. Being able to access your online work & classes anywhere can help with getting homework done.

 Best of luck to all those going back! 🙂




7 thoughts on “Back To Class!

  1. OMG. The Lilly agenda brings back memories. One of the items I always made sure my daughter had as she left for school was that Lilly agenda! Actually that collection of items reminds me of my daughter!

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