Bridesmaid Dress to Date Night Impress!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Spring & summer tends to boast a lot of weddings. If you’ve had the honor of partaking in these events as part of the wedding party, you know the struggles of bridesmaid dresses. While I think the idea of ugly bridesmaid dresses is rather exaggerated, there is still the myth that you can’t wear your bridesmaid dress after the bride & groom says “I do.” Here are a few tips to turn your bridesmaid dress into a beautiful date night outfit!

  • Makeup

Makeup can be taken up a notch when going out for a night on the town. Using darker colors for your lips & eye shadows makes your bridesmaid dress feel more date-like. Use purples, reds, blacks, & blues for a beautiful face!

  • Jewelry

This is another instance where bolder is better. Add a statement necklace, earrings, or rings to make your dress stand out. Statement necklaces are my personal favorite, & give a chic look to a would-be bridesmaid dress.

  • Shoes

The sky’s the limit with your shoes! The higher the heel, the more date-like the outfit. Strappy heels also give a date night vibe & flirty look!

  • Clutch

Have fun with your clutch! A unique clutch makes your outfit stand out in the best way!

  • Alterations

Don’t be afraid to have alterations made on your dress. Whether you shorten, add fabric, change the color, the possibilities are endless!

Many stores & shops are taking the bridesmaid dress from wedding to date night. Weddington Way is no exception! They have beautiful bridesmaid dresses in numerous colors & styles that could easily be transformed into date night attire. Here are a few of my favorites:

 Don’t be afraid to give your bridesmaid dress a second chance! You may just love it even more!




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