Holly Golightly’s Wardrobe!

Holly Golightly is one of my favorite female movie characters. Strong, independent, & of course fashionable. Her care-free style & easy, yet beautiful, outfits are a true inspiration to me as a fashionista. In many ways, Holly has a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe takes a minimalist approach to your closet-in essence, you have between thirty to fifty pieces of clothing that can be interchanged to created numerous outfits. The pieces tend to be classics, such as a trench coat or basic dress. When I heard about the idea of a capsule wardrobe I thought, “Never gonna happen.” Then I thought of the wardrobe that Holly has in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. While I don’t think her wardrobe was minimal by choice (hello, the girl loved Tiffany’s!), she had one anyway.

If you pay attention to what she wears throughout the film, she actually re-wears a few of her outfits. Many times she just changed a few accessories or her shoes. While I personally can’t even think about having a capsule wardrobe (I’m more of a closet hoarder like Carrie from Sex And The City), I do understand the reasons & benefits. Looking at Holly’s pieces, she has a beautiful selection of outfits. They are versatile, offering mixable outfit options. Pops of color help her stand out in a crowd, & unique accessories take her from plain to glam! I simply adore Holly’s wardrobe, & I think most of the pieces she wears could be easily incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe today!




7 thoughts on “Holly Golightly’s Wardrobe!

  1. You know–you are so right about a “capsule” wardrobe. With the seemingly gazillion articles of clothing I have in my closets (yeah. closetS), it dawned on me. I only wear the same few pieces over and over again. They are my “uniform” of sorts. Thank you for giving me an epiphany –I need to purge my clothing!

  2. This post is great!!! I remember first seeing this movie months ago and being immediately impressed by her simple yet fashionable style. I always struggle with my wardrobe. You have a perfect point on how her minimalistic approach can create countless outfits! I’m definitely going to keep that in mind once I go through my pieces!

  3. Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses. I also loved her minimalist style as Holly Golightly. Pencil skirts and skinny pants will never go out of style. 😊

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