Pardon My French!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I love Saturdays because I am able to sit with a nice cup of coffee while reading or surfing the internet. It is a great time to relax & reflect on life. Many times I like to think about places I’d like to travel to. France is one of the top places I want to travel to. I dream of having a sample of macaroons with an espresso while enjoying a Parisian café! Fabulously chic!

This outfit is definitely one I’d wear while sightseeing in Paris. I think it gives a great Parisian vibe, not too touristy. I actually found a sight called Kevin & Amanda that photographically chronicles their journey through Europe. Of course, Paris is on their list. The pictures are breathtaking! One day I will go!




4 thoughts on “Pardon My French!

  1. That outfit is super cute! I especially love the coat. It would definitely be fitted for sightseeing in Europe, because like you said it doesn’t look too touristy, but it also wouldn’t look like you’re trying to hard. You have a great sense of style! I do hope you get to visit Paris someday.(:

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