Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour!

On Monday I was lucky enough to see Taylor Swift in her 1989 World Tour. Let me say, as always, she was amazing!


One awesome thing about this tour was that she gave every person a wristband that would light up through all her songs.


They were so cool! And they made the concert look like this!


She had beautiful costume changes, one even had lights so she illuminated in the dark.

At one moment of the show, she ended up getting stuck on the platform that was suppose to move her around the arena. She laughed about it, & in the middle of one song said, “Can you put my keyboard up here?” She was going to continue the show no matter what. She had class and showed that it’s best to “shake it off.” 😉

Since it was the 13th, Taylor’s favorite number, she had a special guest. Lorde! I was shocked & totally ecstatic! They both sang “Royals.”



It was an amazing experience! If I could go again, I so would! 🙂




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