Vegas, Baby!

I want to go to Vegas at least once in my life. It’s one of those trips everyone wants to take. The lights, slots, & drinks are trademarks of Vegas. Knowing this, I think my outfits for Vegas would be bold, even a little over-the-top for my style. So I created a few different outfits that I would wear for various Las Vegas activities. I hope you like them!
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1. Resort/Casino
This look is perfect for walking around the casino & restaurants in your resort. The Mirage looks like a glamorous place to stay! I think this outfit would be fabulous to wear while staying there!
Vegas, Baby!


2. Sight Seeing
Nevada is known for the heat. When you venture out of your resort, you want to be both comfortable & cool. This look is easy to pull together, just don’t forget your sunnies!
Sight Seeing!
3. Night Life
I went for a more sophisticated look for evening activities. I found a bar called Laguna Champagne Bar that looks a little more up-scale than most bars. There is a variety of champagne & champagne cocktails to choose from. And if you are a novice to champagne, like myself, the bartenders & servers are there to offer their expertise. You’ll be a champagne ace in no time!
Luck Be A Lady!
Do you think these looks would work in Las Vegas? Comment below!

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