Birthday Festivities!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

It’s so nice to have a long weekend before going back to work. It makes everything more relaxing. I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday over the holiday weekend. I spent the weekend at the beach, it was lovely! The weather was perfect, & I even got to wear shorts. Always a plus!

I got myself a few birthday presents at the outlets. One was a JCrew necklace. I love JCrew jewelry, so I thought I’d indulge! I also purchased a new pair of sunglasses, also JCrew.

While enjoying the boardwalk, I came across a bookstore that sells nearly every book & nick-knack you could think of. It’s one of those bookstores where the books are piled on shelves, & digging through them is half the fun! I found a forty-year old copy of The Great Gatsby. The edges are trimmed in gold & each chapter has lovely illustrations.

Finally, I went to Marshalls & found chocolate covered Oreos. Yes, I said that correctly. They were amazing!!

My birthday was really wonderful! I am truly blessed, & I’m so glad I could enjoy turning 23 with the ones I love! ❀




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