Summer Parties!

Summer Parties!
I know summer isn’t quite here yet, but I can’t help but enjoy this beautiful weather!
With the sun shinning I really want to throw an outdoor party. Here are a few things I’d have at my little get-together!
1. Floral Accents ~ It’s always nice to have some nature in your party décor. It adds a little bit of an organic feel.
2. Bright Dishes ~ I saw this plate, & I thought it just screamed, “Summer!” Since plates will be used at any party you throw, be sure they represent the theme & season.
3. Fruity Drinks ~ If fruity drinks are on the menu, be sure to have clear glasses. I love mason jars because they have a nice handle, & of course you’ll be able to see all the pretty drinks you make!
4. Napkins ~ This is an area where you can go all out on colors. Pinks, oranges, & yellows add gorgeous pops of color!
5. Food Display ~ Since everyone will be eating, food must be accessible & beautifully display! Tiered trays help to display food at different levels, & offers a décor piece.
I hope you find these tips helpful! Comment below if you have any summer party plans!

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