Birthday Wishes!

May is my favorite month for many reasons. One being my anniversary, the other being my birthday! I’ll be 23 this year. Boy, does that seem old. I was lucky enough to be able to sing Taylor Swift’s song “22” last year. Which got me thinking that I’d love to have her RED album on vinyl. Then I got to thinking, what would be some nice things I’d like for my birthday? I normally have no idea what I want for any holiday, but birthdays always seem to be extra hard. So here are a few things I thought I’d like.

1. Starbucks ~ This one isn’t necessarily a gift, but I don’t normally indulge in Starbucks. I find that they are too expensive & too high on calories. But a few times a year I take the plunge & buy a Frappuccino. I love the Vanilla Bean & Java Chip flavors. I think the day of my birthday I’ll have to see what sounds the best. 😉

2. J. Crew Jewelry ~ This one is a no-brainer for me. I just love J. Crew’s jewelry. High-quality, plus gorgeous styles & colors.

3. MAC Lipstick ~ I’ll admit it. I’m a MAC virgin. I’ve never purchase anything from MAC, though I’ve heard great things about it, both from friends & YouTube. This year I would like to dive into the MAC world through a lipstick. Particularly in the shade pictured. So pretty!

4. Kate Spade Clutch ~ I recently purchased a Kate Spade clutch. Let me tell you, fabulous! I’d love to own another. I think they are so quirky & cute!

5. Bath & Body Works Candle ~ Like I don’t already have enough candles…But they smell so good! I can’t resist!

6. Movie Night ~ I love watching a favorite movie on my birthday. Maybe Marie Antoinette or When Harry Met Sally or Almost Famous

I also plan on spending my birthday weekend at the beach. I love the ocean, sand, & sun. The weather has been totally giving a summer vibe, which I’m all about!




7 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes!

  1. Happy Birthday month! I will be 42! this month! Holy crap but I honestly feel 25 so that is what I am staying with. I hear people in their 80’s still feel 25 so maybe you will always feel 23.

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