Travel Essentials!


Travel Essentials!
With spring arriving, and summer on its way, many of us are making plans to vacay. I know I am! So I thought I’d do a post on a few of my travel essentials.
1. Luggage ~ If your traveling on a plane, having luggage that is sturdy & durable is a necessity. Let’s be honest, having your luggage burst is not a pretty sight. So make sure your luggage has a zipper that can make it through being thrown around. Also, make sure it meets the weight limit once filled. You don’t want to be that person who has to stuff clothes in your coat so your luggage meets the weight limit. Yes, I’ve been there…
2. Tote ~ This is helpful for carrying items you want on the plane. And anything you couldn’t fit in your suitcase. A tote with a lot of inside pockets is a bonus!
3. On Plane Items ~ Magazines are perfect for leisure reading. If you want something with more substance, books are great. However, I’d get a Kindle which is lighter, & offers more reading options. An iPod is a must. This can help drown out any plane noises, & make for a smoother flight. Be sure to have comfortable headphones, too. I usually bring a sleep mask, especially if the flight is during the day. Finally, a Starbucks drink. I usually go for a frap. While there may be some calories, it’s a vacation!

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