My Love/Hate Relationship With Lilly Pulitzer for Target!

Let me start by saying this. I am BEYOND grateful for the Lilly items I was able to get. I got nearly everything I wanted, & then some. My qualm goes to Target. Let me explain.

Where to begin? Let’s start with the online debacle. My Mom and brother got up at, I believe 1 AM on Sunday, to try and order some Lilly items off the Target website. I was, and still am, sick (double ear infection, along with a head cold, ugh). I ended up staying up from about 2-3:30 AM. Come to find out, somehow a link was released to let people order early. Then, once Target realized, the site went down for a while. Once it finally went back up (not sure what time, I went to sleep. It was after 3:30 Am, though), my brother used his phone, while my Mom used the computer. They got a few items, though some were not in the desired sizes. It sold out within minutes.

Now, I understand that the site sold out & why. Lilly is beautiful! However, I really feel like Target had false advertising. Maybe I missed something along the way, but I did not get the memo that there would be NO restocking of items. I understand that the collaboration is limited edition, but no restocking. Really??

Once I was told that the site sold out (I got up at 5:30 AM), I new I needed to get to my Target. ASAP. So my wonderful Dad willingly drove me to our Target. I met my best friend, Liz, gave her a birthday & graduation present, and once we did that we got in line. When we got there, no one was in line. Once I handed off the present, three people stood in line. We ended up being fifth and sixth because a dad met his wife and daughter. Still, fifth and sixth was awesome for me!

My Dad also joined us. He was on a mission for my Mom. We waited from about 6:45-8:00 AM. The line got pretty long, though not crazy long. Now, this is were I got ticked off. At 7:57 AM, the Target manager came out. She only opened the pull doors, which was fine. Then she said this: “There is only ONE of each size for clothing.” Huh? What? How can that be??? ONE of each size. ONE???? No one had gotten dresses yet. I felt like they were already sold out! Then the girl in front of me ask, “What about the bathing suits?”

I quote: “I didn’t see any swim wear.”

Huh? How is that possible?? This is a collaboration. My Target has had them before. And was fully stocked before. This made no sense. I didn’t have time to really process this, because after that the doors opened. I quickly walked to the pink dress. That was my main focus. The girl in front of me grabbed the size 2, thank goodness, and I grabbed the size 4 (which fit perfectly). After that it is kind of a blur. I somehow got my size in the blue dress. After that I got confused. We only had two racks of clothes set up. Two small racks. Where was the rest? I grabbed a size 7 flip-flop, but by then everything was almost gone. In less than one minute.


My Dad attempted to get a specific scarf for my Mom. He felt so bad because he only got her one, sequin blue. It wasn’t the one she wanted, though she was very happy. He felt like he let her down because he didn’t grab more fast enough. Not his fault, inventory was extremely low.

Anyway, I headed over to beauty. I got some makeup bags & a headband. Then I left that section and went to home items. The section was way picked over. But I was able to get the glass ice bucket, & four wine glasses. After that it was all gone. All of it. Less than 5 minutes. I did go back to beauty. They had some nail polish, a few lip glosses, & nail files left. I grabbed a nail file because I actually need one. LOL. And two lip glosses. While I was there, a man asked if anyone wanted a blue makeup bag. I said, “I’ll take it!” It was the Nosie Posey print. Gorgeous!

Considering the craziness, I am so happy!! With that said, my Target was lacking. It had no sandals (pineapple & starfish ones), jewelry, some of the dress prints, or swim wear. I’m sure there was other things. The collaboration had 250 items.

When I got home, I tried on my dresses. Fit like a glove! I was so thankful the girl in front of me grabbed the size two. Then I learned the confusing news. Target was not restocking. Huh? (I said, “Huh?” a lot that day). How is that possible. Didn’t they restock for Missoni? & the collaboration with various designers???

Yes, I understand it’s limited edition. I know that means the stock is limited. But with one of each size, I expected at least one more restock.

Overall, I’m happy. I’m not happy with how Target handled everything. Poor management. Or planning. Or both.

With how everything went, I hope you all got everything you wanted!


What was your Lilly Pulitzer for Target experience like? Comment below!



16 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship With Lilly Pulitzer for Target!

  1. Hello! Your blog is SO lovely! Congratulations, you did well- got some really cute stuff! I was also disappointed to find that they wouldn’t be restocking as the collection was just adorable!! I just started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and would love if you would check it out! Kyra xx

  2. I logged on before 9am thinking that I would be able to purchase my wishlist on line. I was so wrong!!! I super lucked out that most people in my area aren’t familiar with Lily Pulitzer so there were still some items when I got to Target after church yesterday, but it was still really picked over. I scored two make-up bags (including the pineapple one I was hoping for!), bobby pins, hair bands, adorable drink stirrers, and flip flops. I was so bummed that for clothes they only had one outfit left and it was 2XL.

    • You are lucky that there was items left. I called today, just because, and my Target said it was sold out. The clothes went first for sure. Glad you could get some things! 🙂

  3. That is insane! I woke up early(ish) to try to order from the website because I really just wanted maybe flip flops and a romper but everything was already gone online. I was ok with it since I wasn’t as invested in the collaboration as others so I feel really bad for all those people that had their hearts set on specific items!

  4. I completely agree with you! I was very upset about Target’s false advertising, and the whole thing was kind of a mess. However, I love the items you got! Those dresses are gorgeous!

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