Lilly Pulitzer for Target!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target!
The day is almost here! Lilly Pulitzer for Target officially debuts tomorrow! I am beyond excited for this collaboration, I’ve been talking about it for months!
With that said, I have a problem. I want to buy everything from this collab!
For instance, the gorgeous bar accessories.  I mean come on: Pineapples, elephants, and fish, oh my!
I think my strategy is going to be this: Get whatever I think I want, even things that I’m unsure about. Then, once I’m home to bask in my Lilly-ness, and after a few hours to calm down, I’ll decide what I wish to return. I figure that once the items are gone, I’ll have lost my chance. So it’s best to get the items while the getting is good!
What are your strategies for shopping Lilly on Sunday? Comment below!

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