Candlelight Fireplace!

I simply adore beautiful living rooms. Having a pretty place to enjoy company is something I wish to achieve in my future home. In the next few years, I plan on having my own place. Until that happens, though, I have Pinterest to give me a plethora of décor ideas.

On my one of many browsing sessions for “Home Décor,” I came across this gorgeous fireplace idea. Rather than having an actual working fireplace, candles are placed in the center of the fireplace frame. This gives the feel of a fireplace, without the commitment of one. I think it looks so elegant & chic!

My grandmother recently got a new fireplace; her old one broke, and it was just as much to get a replacement piece as a new fireplace. But rather than throw out the old fireplace, I asked her if I could keep it. It is brown, I guess a laminate-ish material. I plan on using it in my future place, but I want to paint it white. I also had the idea of adding mirrors on the inside of the fireplace. This adds reflection to make the flames from the candles look bigger & brighter.

So what do you think? Is this a pretty living room idea? Comment below!




9 thoughts on “Candlelight Fireplace!

  1. I was thinking about doing this in my bedroom. Living in Hawaii there is no need for a real fireplace, so this is the perfect alternative. I’m thinking that this will be my next project 🙂 This particular one that you’ve shared is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. love this! it would be perfect in the small sitting area I have on one end of my craft room. the fireplace has such a wonderful shabby chic look to it and I think the mirror inside would be perfect to show off the candles. I agree it will look very romantic no matter where you decide to put it.

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    • Hi! I’m not sure where the actual candles are from. You should be able to find similar ones at department stores or discount stores like Marshall’s or HomeGoods. Thanks!

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