Mini Spring Haul!

I went out shopping over the weekend & found some cute items!

First off, the shoes! I am truly in love! ❀

Both shoes are from Ross. While I like both shoes, the loafers are my loves. They were the only pair in the store, & are leopard print with cat faces. So sweet!

The moccasins are blue. I use to live in a brown pair in high school, & I thought the blue color added a little something extra.

The hairspray was something I wasn’t sure about. The hairspray I currentlyΒ have is on its last leg. I vaguely remember using this L’OREAL Paris hairspray in high school, but I don’t remember if I liked it. We shall see. It is for color-treated hair, which is a plus.

Finally, some dental care items.

I don’t like using a toothbrush for too long. I know you can use them for up to three months, but I think two months is better. So I was on the hunt for a nice toothbrush, value pack being a plus. I purchased Oral-B 3D White. This toothbrush is awesome! It cleans my teeth so well, like when you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist. Speaking of dentist, mine says I need to floss. So I figured these Floss Picks would be helpful. I like using them because there is no mess like using normal floss. Highly recommend both products!




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