Tulle Skirts!

The Best Valentino Wedding Shoes to Strut Down the Aisle

Tulle skirts are so pretty! But I can’t seem to bring myself to actually buy one. I just don’t think I’d ever wear it, but it is so feminine & chic! I have no idea where I’d wear a tulle skirt. It seems too dressy for an every day look. Or maybe I’m just not fashion-forward enough to wear it. Either way, I’m debating whether to buy one.

What do you think? Tulle skirts: yay or nay?

Tulle fit for a princess.holiday style | make life easier | DustJacket




16 thoughts on “Tulle Skirts!

  1. Have them. Love them. I wear to church, dinner, brunch, and around the house(just for fun). Take into consideration the fullness. The fuller the tulle, the dressier it looks. And color as well. Black will always look dressier and pink might always look a bit to ballerina. Hope that helps.

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