Vintage Eyeliner & How To Create It!

I’ve always been obsessed with vintage makeup. It has a timeless, elegant look! Particularly, I find the eye makeup can be easily integrated into any look. Here are a few tips for creating a gorgeous, vintage eye look!


I did my right eye only, for comparison.

 First, you will never have perfect symmetry with winged eyeliner. Trust me, I’ve tried. But you can get really close. I try to do similar strokes of my liquid pen eyeliner on both eyes. So, for instance, if I have a more upwards stroke with the wing on one eye, I’ll try to give the same stoke on the other eye. Another tip I have is if you are leery of using liquid eyeliner, outline your wing with a pencil liner first. This gives you more control, & you can go over your pencil eyeliner with the liquid eyeliner once you have the desired look. If you make a mistake that can’t be fixed with more eyeliner, have some makeup remover on hand. Use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to carefully remove your mistakes. Finally, don’t forget mascara! Not only does mascara give you a fuller, lifted look, but it can discreetly cover any minor mistakes. 😉




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