How To Style Leopard Print!

Leopard is such a great way to add a pop to an outfit! I have a few leopard items in my closet, including scarves & shoes. If you feel that leopard print is a little too wild for your style, incorporate it in minimal ways. For example, a scarf is an easy way to get the look, without being fully committed to a jungle feel.

1. Leopard Scarf

(Jacket: Guess. Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters. Jeans: Hollister Co. Shoes: Ross.)

2. Leopard Shirt

A leopard shirt is a bolder choice, & will make you stand out in a crowd!

Top 10 Summer Fashion Outfits for 2013 Animal print with shortsI've been tucking in my shirts like this for years. Glad to finally see it validated on Pinterest. Haha

3. Leopard Shoes

Leopard shoes are a little more subtle, but still make a bold statement!

leopard4Leopard flats have become a staple in my wardrobe recently - perfect, subtle punch! #TheFrisky

Don’t be afraid to incorporate leopard into your outfits if you like this look! Remember, you can work this look into your wardrobe gradually, wearing whichever version makes you feel fierce!





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