Shopping Bummers….

Yesterday I went shopping with my parents & bestie, Liz. I always love shopping trips, but recently I’ve been bummed by the selections at stores. I’m not sure if it is because of the time of year (after Christmas but not close enough to Spring to restock the shelves), or if it is something else altogether. Either way, I left with one item, from clearance at Old Navy. While I don’t like to buy stuff just because, and on most shopping trips I don’t leave with much of anything, browsing is half the fun! Has anyone else felt like shopping right now is somewhat non-existent? :/




5 thoughts on “Shopping Bummers….

  1. Yes! I’ve been so uninspired by what I see at normal stores. It’s like everything they have that’s new I already have something so similar. No need to rebuy something. I have higher hopes for summer but who knows.

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