Winter Must Haves!

Winter Must Haves!
Even though Winter can be a dreary season, I think having items that make you feel happy in the cold weather is essential. Here is a list of a few items that I feel are must haves for Winter.
1. Scarves
I have a bunch of scarves. They are great for keeping you warm, plus they can be really stylish & worn numerous ways!
2. Red Beauty Products
I think that red is one of the best colors for the Winter season. Red lips are a favorite of mine!
3. Fashionable Coat
While a coat is obvious for Winter, you want something that will keep you warm while providing style statement. Go for a great print or color!
4. UGG Boots
I love my UGGs in the Winter! So warm & cozy!
5. Hot Chocolate
Extra marshmallows, please!
6. Seasonal Purse
I usually go for darker colored purses in the Winter. Brown, black, & purple are fabulous colors!

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